Over 40 years of experience

In 1990, about 12 years into my career, I was working for a major ophthalmic instrument manufacturer as a prototype master machinist in a small, but very complete machine shop shared by only one other machinist. I worked closely with some of the best engineers, designers and technicians in the business to create state-of-the-art eye surgery instruments. The commute was ultra-short and the work environment was outstanding. It was probably the best job I ever had. Unfortunately, the parent corporation decided that our facility was to be moved to southern California. I wanted to stay in northern California, so I decided to move on. Over the next decade, my career progressed and my skills increased but I was still trying to find a working environment that was more than just a job.

Cutting the cord

By the late 1990s, growing tired of corporate bureaucracy, stress and distractions of employee management, I realized that the only way I could do the type of work I wanted in the ideal environment was to start my own shop. In October of 2000, I started RSG Prototype Service in my tiny 2-car garage in Pinole, California while working a full-time night job. By June of 2003, I was able to “cut the cord” and devote all of my time to RSG Prototype Service. In June of 2004, I needed more space, so I moved to Georgetown in the Sierra Foothills of CA, about an hour north of Sacramento.